Studio 1 has been in the Punch family since January 2009. Built on the former site of Soundback Studios, Studio 1 has had many transitions over the years and we are now at a point where we have optimised the space and equipment to its fullest potential.

Studio 1 boasts a flexible live performance space ideal for band recording, solo artists and voiceovers. We have a host of equipment available for bands including TAMA and Slingerland drum kits, vintage Fender and Marshall amplifiers, acoustic and digital pianos and more! Check the equipment list for a full rundown.

We pride ourselves on quality and value for those looking to record at the studio. Our mixing room has a plethora of vintage equipment surrounding an AMEK BCIII mixing console (with neve designed preamps). We primarily track to Pro Tools 12, however Logic X and Reaper are available on request. The mixing room has a variety of vintage outboard gear including: API, Universal Audio, and Focusrite pre-amps. Vintage DBX 160, Tube-Tech, Joe Meek compressors and legendary Lexicon and Klark Teknik reverb units. For analogue recording fans we have a Revox PR99 MKII stereo reel to reel tape machine to add flavour to your mix, as well as the king of lo-fi the Tascam 388*.

In addition to our outboard gear we have a host of vintage microphones including Neumann, AKG, Coles, STC, Sennheiser, Reslo, Film Industry's and Shure.

With a blend of digital and analogue equipment, professional engineers and a relaxed recording environment, we ensure to provide satisfying results and value for money for you as the artist.

*available on request

£300 per 10 hour day (and £30 per hour thereof) for engineer, equipment and room hire

£35 p/h for sessions under 10 hours