Sound Design

Punch Studios offers Post Production audio work for any project, from videos and radio to games and apps. This includes recording, editing and mixing Foley, sound design and ADR.

What is Sound Design?

Foley - The human interaction sounds (footsteps, clothes rustling, scrapes). Recorded in one of our studios or production rooms, specifically for your project.

Sound Design - The larger, more creative sound effects (car engine noises, explosions and sounds that don’t exist in the real world), using professional sound libraries or recording brand new sounds to bring your projects to life. This also includes ambience and background audio.

Voice Over & ADR - Automated dialogue replacement, also known as dubbing, and voice over sessions with your talent, to replace any unusable dialogue audio you may have.

Our services

Recording, editing and mixing sound design and Foley.

Recording Voice Over and ADR sessions.

Editing, mixing and cleaning up pre-existing audio.

Prices are dependant on what the overall project is and the length of the project. Please contact to discuss details further.

Examples of our work