Studio A has a wide range  of vintage equipment, centred around an AMEK BCIII mixing console (with Neve designed preamps).  The mixing room has a variety of vintage outboard gear including: API, Universal Audio, and Focusrite preamps (see the Equipment page for full gear list). Primarily we track to Pro Tools 12, however Logic X and Reaper are available on request. For analogue recording we have a Revox PR99 MKII stereo reel to reel tape machine to add flavour to your mix, as well as the king of lo-fi the Tascam 388*.

In addition to our outboard gear we have a host of vintage microphones including Neumann, AKG, Coles, STC, Sennheiser, Reslo, Film Industries and Shure. With a blend of quality  digital and analogue equipment, professional engineers and a relaxed recording environment, we are well placed to ensure satisfying results and value for money for you the artist.


Studio B offers a modern ‘in the box’ 16 input approach that can be hired, unlike Studio A, with or without an engineer. Bring your own laptop, plug in and start recording. We can track in the room with the band using high quality noise cancellation headphones or into the adjoining Production Room.


Studio A:

£300 per 10 hour day (and £30 per hour thereafter ) to include engineer, equipment and room hire

£35 p/h for sessions under 10 hours


Studio B:

£200 per 10 hour day to include engineer, equipment and room hire

£125 per day for equipment and room hire

£75 per day for room hire

£20 per hour