Ipswich’s young musicians have been offered the chance of stepping into the spotlight to share their talents before an expert industry panel and have the opportunity to win a selection of prizes including time in a recording studio and professional mentoring.

Hosted at Ipswich’s leading live music venue Pump & Grind, the showcase presented by Punch Studios provides a much needed platform for artists under the age of eighteen (from all genres) to perform live before a live audience as a way of honing their skills and experiencing gigging in town for the first time.

The event which takes place from 1pm on May 22nd at Pump & Grind is calling for school and college students between Years 9 - 13 to submit either audio or video recordings of their work (no matter the quality) to punchstudiosipswich@gmail.com - after which the industry panel will consider the entries and invite the chosen artists will then be invited to perform at the Raise The Mic showcase on May 22nd.

A panel comprising industry experts from a broad musical background will provide live feedback on the day; serving as a rare chance to gain advice from professionals within the arts. Having watched all of the invited artists perform, the prizes which include two days of recording time, a year’s mentoring, free rehearsal space, music vouchers and more will then be awarded by the official Raise The Mic judges.

For further information regarding the event, please contact punchstudiosipswich@gmail.com or call 07812 441716