At Punch Studios we have a plethora of vintage equipment surrounding an AMEK BCIII console (with 21 mono Neve Preamps and 4 stereo channels) and pride ourself on quality and value for those looking to record at the studio. Tracking onto 2" Tape and ProTools 11 is a variety of vintage outboard gear including: Universal Audio, CLM and Focusrite pre-amps. DBX 160, Tube-Tech and Joe Meek compressors. Legendary Lexicon and Klark Teknik reverb units. Otari, Revox, Studer, and Tascam tape machines including the king of lo-fi the Tascam 388.

In addition to our outboard gear we have a host of vintage microphones including Neumann, AKG, STC (Coles), Sennheiser, Reslo, Film Industry's and Shure. This coupled with a great recording environment and engineers ensures you as an artist get great results and value for money.